Our Story


The business is run by the husband and wife team Ian and Sue Whitehead together with their daughters Rebecca, Sarah and nephew Harry. A real family affair.

A lot of care and attention is taken to produce their award winning products putting quality, provenance and sustainability at the forefront.

Now in its fourth decade, the business continues to rear their own RSPCA approved pork to use in their products.





Lane Farm had somewhat of a false start after the hurricane of October 1987 wiped out most of the farm and had to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Having started as a pig-breeding business, the Whitehead’s soon started making Sausages from their own pork over 25 years ago. Thanks to the help of their two daughters Rebecca and Sarah who were the toughest taste panel you could come across, their business evolved into other pork products such as Dry Cured Bacon and cooked hams.

In 2005 Lane Farm became one of the first producers of Salami and Chorizo in the UK. For more information regarding our British Charcuterie please visit www.suffolksalami.co.uk