Sliced Suffolk Chorizo 90g

Taking the finest cuts of our pork we add a blend of different types of the finest Paprika from La Chinata and Santo Dimingo both of which have DOP status. We then add some other spices, garlic and herbs before gently smoking them over Oak and Beech chippings.

Additional Information

Pork, Salt, Pimenton de la Vera paprika DOP (2%), Spices, Herbs, Dextrose, Garlic Powder, Antioxidant, Sodium Ascorbate. Preservative: Sodium Nitrate.

Natural Pork Casing.

Prepared with 155g pork per 100g.

Moisture is lost during curing and maturation.

Average values per 100g

Energy1567kJ, 377kcal
Of which saturates10g
Of which sugars<0.1g

Packed in a protective atmosphere. Store in a fridge below 5˚c. Once opened, keep refrigerated below 5˚c. To enjoy our chorizo at its best we recommend consuming before its best before date.


Use By

Please note that we can only guarantee a use by date of 14 days. If you have any questions regarding shelf life or requirements please contact us directly and we can let you know the current dates on our products.