Large Fennel Salami 1Kg

Taking the finest cuts of pork, we add salt, spices, garlic, and fennel seeds. To allow the favour to mature they are hung to dry until ready to eat.

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Additional Information

Pork, Salt, Spices, Dextrose, Fennel Seeds (0.3%), Garlic Powder, Antioxidant,: Sodium Ascorbate, Preservative: Sodium Nitrite.

Filled into a collagen casing.

Prepared with 155g pork per 100g.

Moisture is lost during curing and maturation.

Average values per 100g

Energy1572kJ, 378kcal
Of which saturates10.27g
Of which sugars<0.1g

Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Store at less that 5oC. Once open consume within 5 days. This product must be thoroughly cooked before consumption.


Best Before

Please note that we can only guarantee a best before date of 70 days. If you have any questions regarding shelf life or requirements please contact us directly and we can let you know the current dates on our products.