Lane Farm’s Story

Lane Farm has always been, and remains, very much a family run enterprise. But, the story of how Lane Farm first started has echoes of a blockbuster disaster film rather than what you might expect of a sleepy Suffolk village. Ian and Sue bought the land at auction back in 1987. But no sooner had they set up home on the farm the hurricane of October 1987 destroyed most of the farm’s buildings and meant Ian and Sue had to rebuild their home before they’d barely even begun!

After this fairly dramatic start to life at Lane Farm, which started as a pig-breeding business, they soon started producing their own sausages, now nearly twenty years ago. Thanks to the help of their two daughters Sarah and Rebecca, who play a central role in the business, and all of their locally based employees. This then evolved into other pork products joining the range of hams, bacon, salami and pork and apple burgers that are now at the centre of Lane Farm’s business. Lane Farm was one of the first producers of salami and chorizo within the UK and in 2005 they built one of the country’s first drying rooms for charcuterie.

  • Ian & Sue Whitehead

About Our Products

We take great pride in everything we produce at Lane Farm. As the proud winners of East of England Co-op Sourced Locally Producer of the Year award, we take the responsibility of producing some of the finest and freshest produce around seriously.

This begins with our pigs which are outdoor bred and then reared and finished in open straw barns. We feed them a specially formulated diet so we can confidently tell you what’s in your meat and the stress-free and happy welfare of our pigs is as important to us as the end product.

Our bacon is dry cured by hand and then air dried for better flavour. We like to use other locally sourced ingredients in our products such as Lathcotts Farm Coxes apple juice which we use in our pork, apple and apricot sausages and pork and apple burgers making them so full of flavour. Our sausages are made only from the shoulder of pork, something that you would easily recognise as a joint, so you always have peace of mind that you’re only eating the very best bits.

Our range of salamis are air dried in the way that they are traditionally produced in Italy and Spain giving them a most authentic taste. Our salami is becoming very popular and is often used by local chefs and often found on menus up and down the country.

We’re constantly working on new products, trying out new recipes and have several seasonal products loved by the locals, including avid supporter of local producers Delia Smith. We test everything we make ourselves and we can assure you that the local porter ale that we use for our Christmas Boozy bacon is well and truly taste-tested!